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We continue to shine a spotlight on the biggest and best emerging acts from across the UK. Each Monday, we ask one of our esteemed tippers to select five of their hottest tips to be featured on the site throughout the week.

Next up we have editor-in-chief of Raw Meat, Finn D’Albert, a Londoner, a guitarist and a writer. She’s dabbled in TV, working on music programming for Sky, MTV and BBC3; and used to repair guitars in South London before she realised it was more fun just playing them. Raw Meat’s philosophy is to remember and promote that not all good bands comes from the UK, USA or white, cis men.

Discover some of the best new artists and bands around right now with Finn’s tips below.




They’re a garage trio from Birmingham and there’s just so much about them I love. Scott’s voice is from another time, crawling with this kind of Alice Cooper slither, and then they double-track it like crazy. And he plays a Rickenbaker 12-string which obviously screams with feedback. Then the rhythm section just lets loose, Ramones style. They’re really high energy and great live. I love them.



These guys are absolutely killer. It’s almost Motorhead-ian; all riffs and guttural screaming. The duo are actually members of HECK, and Haggard Cat came about because HECK got so big that they couldn’t play whenever and wherever they wanted. Whatever the reason they started from scratch, their lyrics are brilliant and they’re completely relentless.



At Raw Meat we’re pretty close with the Roadkill Records lot; DJ for each other, throw parties together, hold hands, etc. So we heard they were releasing Projector’s single ‘Break Your Own Heart’ pretty early on. What I love about this band is that the more you listen, the more different sounds you realise they straddle. There are elements of Pixies and Sonic Youth, but also a much less meticulous, dark carelessness. They make you feel dangerous. Who doesn’t love that?



We’ve very recently started Raw Meat Live (our second ever party is coming up 11/07/18 Darren and I had been talking about doing it for a while, but then I got sent Sweat Threats first single, ‘Hermit’ and I just lost my shit. I was so excited, I messaged Darren immediately, “We have to do the shows now because I have to put this band on.” They’re made up of bits of Bad Grammar, Tayne, and Bouts/ Swimmers and make such a fantastic wall of post-punk sound. I can’t get enough.



It’s a project of Mike Barrett (ex-Fiction frontman) and it fulfils all of my nostalgic tendencies (for a time I definitely didn’t experience). It’s got that great fretless bass sound, gentle vocals and is so warm and layered, but without feeling ‘safe’. There are sneaky little drum fills everywhere, one-chord-hit riffs, and loads of secret little joys to discover in the production. So, they’re a dance band I suppose, like Daft Punk in a keytar battle with Japan.

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