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The first thing your ear notices about ‘More To Life’, the forthcoming single from 21-year-old Cheshire cheesemonger Adam French, is his voice.  French is one of those people you come across from time to time whose voice belongs to a completely different person.  You’d never guess from observing his beanpole frame that it could generate such a buzz-saw bellow, part Brian Molko, part Black ‘n’ Decker angle grinder.  

The song itself is an unapologetically poppy ditty, a mild rebuke to those who don’t make the requisite effort to better themselves.  Think of that next time you’re on the sofa watching repeats of Eastenders.  The arrangement is snare drum-tight, having practically excused itself by the minute mark, with some devilishly clever kitchen-sink production reminiscent of the work of Victor van Vugt.  

Clearly French himself, unlike the subject of his song, is making the very most of his opportunities, having survived the junior arsonists convention that is Reading and Leeds festivals with presumably no more than minor injuries.  And perhaps that event’s demographic describes his target audience perfectly.  For youngsters looking for a concise, melodic, and unthreatening singer-songwriter, there’s little more to life than Adam French.

Words by Martin Sharman

Tipped by Rob Platts and Simon Pursehouse

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