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Seemingly bubbling under the surface for the past couple of years, it would appear Allman Brown is beginning to reach the boil as an increasing number of tastemakers and fans alike flood towards his beautiful, folk inspired sound. First gaining prominence with his stunning track ‘Sons and Daughters’, alongside Liz Lawrence, Allman Brown has also worked with the likes of Sophie Jamieson and, most recently, Robyn Sherwell. However it is his track ‘Foolish Love’ that finds itself under our Tipping Point microscope today, and it makes for superb listening.

Beginning in an understated manner, ‘Foolish Love’ builds with a distant echoing of hand claps and foot stomps, focusing the listening onto Brown’s absorbing vocals. Building gently and steadily, the track then erupts into an emotive outburst of regret and eventual rejuvenation. In this track, and his wider sound, Brown has without a doubt demonstrated he is an artist to definitely keep your eye on.

Words by Ben Blackburn

Tipped by Simon Pursehouse from Sentric Music

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