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Since the age of 19, North London based Annie Eve has been making the sort of delicate alt-folk noises that almost seem inescapable at the minute. Now, at 21, Eve’s maturity is starting to show, fueling, as it does, an enchanting and haunting style of music. Take her track ‘Elvis’ for example.

There’s a beauty in the rawness of this home recorded version of the track. Annie’s delicate vocals sound so fragile – almost crackling at times, but her haunting delivery means it remains compelling throughout. That haunting quality, at times, brings to mind the mystical magic of Bon Iver while the ethereal rawness in those delicate vocals recalls the likes of Regina Spektor.

Having wowed a packed crowd at St Stephen’s Church for London’s Bushstock festival last weekend, Annie will make her way up to the North East and The Cluny later this month, before heading back down to feature on the bill at Green Man.

Words by George Shaw

Tipped by Communion (Bushstock)

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