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Musically the Noughties will probably be remembered in the UK for the growth of reality tv popstars, the indie kids and for the heartwarming and delightful antics of playboy Peter Doherty. What some will forget is that just over ten years ago some of the best emotional hardcore ever played came not from the East coast of America, but from tiny little towns in England, with a short lived but much loved scene encompassing Hell Is For Heroes, Hundred Reasons, Reuben and more.

Listening to ‘You Gotta Grow’, the opening track on Black Foxxes‘ Pine EP, all those memories come flooding back. Much like their fore bearers Black Foxxes create an impassioned and furious noise, demanding attention and drawing you into their melodious world of big riffs and even bigger drum beats. Lyrically, singer Mark Holley blends more accessible pop harmonies with guttural cries all whilst weaving a tale of life in a tiny little town where nothing happens, and the burning desire of something more.

There’s a comparison to be made to the increasingly successful Manchester Orchestra from across the pond here, but the truly exciting thing for me about Black Foxxes is how they bring back the memories of when the underground of UK hardcore and pop punk came so close to taking over the world. Let’s hope we’re seeing the beginning of round 2.

Words by David McDonald

Tipped by Linsey Teggert from NARC. Magazine

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