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Among the countless changes the internet has wrought on the world, one of the most obvious is that it’s made it feel a lot smaller. A big advantage of this to the music lover is that’s made it much easier for bands to subsist if they don’t happen to live within spitting distance of one another. Sure, it’s meant the end of The Postal Service’s formerly unique (and now just a bit quaint) schtick, but we can’t have at all, eh?

Anyway, Blonde Bunny are one of those bands who seem to be able to quite comfortably transcend geography, with members dotted between Oundle, Sheffield and Brighton. Their latest release, ‘While We’re Sleeping’ is a beaut, a multi-headed cosmic voyage of discovery. There’s hints of psychedelia in the guitars and a seductive, Paul Draper-esque melodrama in the vocal, and the whole thing makes for a surprisingly cohesive patchwork.

The single came out on cassette, backed with b-side Termite on November 3rd. The band recently finished up touring for the year but promise new shows in the new year, and they’re certainly worth catching.

Words by Paul Brown

Tipped by Tiffany Daniels from Drunken Werewolf

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