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The great thing about The Tipping Point is that you can always rely on us to deliver some of the hottest new music on offer. Every day there’s a hefty slab of the hottest, freshest tracks right there on the horizon. Today’s offering appears on our radar like an electronic glitch. Having already built up some buzz with their first release ‘Indigo’, ‘Horizon’, the latest track from Welsh duo Bloodflower, is a slick slice of experimental electro pop.

The track kicks off with a searing guitar riff, backed by subtle electronic backbeat that gradually builds up to a vibrant and catchy chorus, with one hell of a hook. By the time it eventually descends into chaotic whirs of bleeps and blips, almost threatening to malfunction at any time, that chorus is pretty much ingrained in your brain and you’re begging for it back.

At times it suffers from attempting too much in too little a space, but its slick production values mean it’s still an interesting blend of electro-pop from an exciting pair.

Words by George Shaw

Tipped by Dave Maul from Monkeysuit Music


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