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Visually, Cas pretty much goes straight for the jugular as far as horrorcore is concerned. His tales of drug-induced and violent sexual abuse are usually accompanied by an equally abhorrent set of visuals. However, to gloss over Cas’ music as attention-grabbing is to miss the point. Musically, ‘Seein’ Double’ takes elements of genres that are inherently British (Grime, Dubstep and Drum & Bass), and combines them into a beat that is dark enough to match Cas’ gritty lyrical content and general aesthetic, which is a feat in itself.

On the mic, Cas’ flow could be compared to that of Giggs in his relaxed, assertive delivery – he’s just a little darker! With tracks like ‘Seein’ Double’ and ‘Charlotte’, Cas creates a world that you just can’t help but engage with, think ‘Ill Manors’, but with added occult overtones.

Words by Lewis Lister

Tipped by Grant Brydon

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