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The details behind Dog Legs‘ origins are rather vague. Apparently they formed after a Japanese take-out and bashed their first song, Cobra Snake, out on Tupperware with chopsticks before finally having a real band practice a whole three years later. Though perhaps not the most conventional way to form a band, we wouldn’t expect anything less from the infectiously fun duo who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Consisting of Moe Meade on guitar and vocals and Liam Bradbury on drums and keyboard, Dogs Legs’ brand of lo-fi garage-pop is witty and energetic. With Toot Toot Hey, Dog Legs up the punk factor for a thrashy, two minute riot of a track that sizzles with sass. Though simplicity is the key to their sound, Dogs Legs are far from dull, channelling a bratty, reckless spirit that leaves you wishing you could hang out with them and get up to some mischief.

Words by Linsey Teggert

Tip by Laura Eley

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