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Since it began in 2011, LA label Soulection has become synonymous with quality, forward-thinking music.  It’s no wonder then, that they’ve lent a hand to London’s Ego Ella May with the release of ‘Underwater’.  Ego-Ella May has the kind of smooth, delicate vocal quality that is so well suited to Jazz, but on her latest track, creates something a little different.

‘Underwater’ is built around a smooth beat from Soulection producer IAMNOBODI, whose tender production sits so well beneath May’s silky vocal that at times it’s difficult to tell wear his synths and her ad-libs begin.  Ego-Ella May’s voice brims with class and elegance, as she floats over the effortless, playful beat.

 ‘Underwater’ is the first track taken from Ego-Ella May’s forthcoming EP, ‘Breathing Underwater’, which is available for download as of tomorrow (February 5). Clearly one to keep an eye on, the young singer also plays guitar and produces in her spare time.  Whether or not she’ll go down that route on the EP remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure – it’ll be steeped in mellow, jazzy brilliance.

Words by Lewis Lister

Tipped by Bob Allan

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