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It starts with a glitch. An electronic blip, crashes into a canvas of silence, painting it with a complex, down-tempo slice of electro pop goodness. That disturbance comes courtesy of Elderbrook, a UK based singer songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Bath.

Produced and recorded entirely from various rooms at his home, ‘Rewinding’ sees Elderbrook – real name Alex Kotz – blend sweet vocals, hand claps, skittering beats and a hip-hop sensibility to create a track that feels oddly familiar, but refreshingly original. The influences are clear – Alt-J’s rigid, eccentric beats, James Blake’s minimalistic electronics, but Kotz combines them in a way that creates a sparse, soothing layered sound that, despite appearing crammed with ideas, never overwhelms.

Words by George Shaw

Tipped by Rob Platts and Robin Seamer

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