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I think by now you’re probably a little tired of hearing about Glastonbury, especially as it was apparently glorious sunshine throughout, unlike my time spent this weekend in Manchester. However I’m not left to stew in my envy for too long, as the brilliant sounds of Eliza and the Bear have distracted me completely. A Generator band through and through, the great honour has fallen upon me to updating you all on Eliza and the Bear’s incredible journey from their humble Tipping Point beginnings to their current lofty success.

The band’s latest single, ‘Friends’, received its UK premiere at the hands of Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1, and has since taken the blogosphere by storm, with many commenting upon its blistering anthemic nature and soaring melodies.

Such accolades for Eliza and the Bear began way back in 2012, when they first graced Tipping Point Towers, and were uncovered as a diamond in the rough. Thoroughly active and self-motivated in their early stages, Generator took the band on as its first release through the Artist Development programme, and in doing so assisted in assembling a fine team around the band, and supporting their management in the band’s progression.

The results of the programme are already clearly evident, as Eliza and the Bear have supported the likes of Athlete, performed at Hard Rock Calling, and announced their own headline tour in September. In many ways Eliza and the Bear are an act in which all the planets have aligned, and with ‘Friends’ no doubt making its way onto your summer playlists, expect much more from this exciting Essex act in 2013.

Words by Ben Blackburn

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