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Earlier today I heard thunder. One quick glance out of the window and I see the heavens opened and an almighty rain is falling on down. If our glorious, short summer is on its way out, then it could be time to find the perfect track to see it out. Step forward former train carriage busking, London based duo Fe.

These two haven’t even played their first live show yet (that particular milestone falls on 7th of next month at Old Blue Last) but their “heroic melodies” are already causing a bit of a bloggy fuss. Especially so on debut single ‘Time.’

On first listen, this track comes across as a pleasant, if not modest, slice of refined pop goodness. However, its modesty does Fe a disservice. Dig a little deeper and, hidden beneath Time’s pleasant indie-pop exterior, you’ll find a whole wave of impressive intricate instrumentation, blended beautifully with melancholic, ethereal vocals. Piano and guitars dance, as reverberated strings simmer over a subtle electronic beat.

The effect is as euphoric as it is heartbreaking. It’s incredibly endearing and, quietly, a stunning slice of summery pop. Just in time too.

Words by George Shaw

Tipped by Ben Ryder-Smith


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