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It’s time to get your groove on with the blissful synth-psychedelia of ‘Emitter’ from Liverpool five-piece Gulf, a track so delicious you could almost take a bite out of it. Recorded with Darren Jones (The Maccabees, Bill Ryder-Jones), ‘Emitter’ is a warm tapestry of sound that also features smatterings of indie-pop and disco alongside it’s hazy psych leanings.

Despite having three guitar players, ‘Emitter’ never sounds convoluted, remaining surprisingly playful, with reverb-drenched vocals perfectly complementing the woozy soundscape. With its lazy flow, ‘Emitter’ is in no rush to go anywhere, but that’s more than okay with us. It’s best to just lay back and enjoy the ride.

Words by Linsey Teggert

Tipped by Shell Zenner

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