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Music is at its best when it can give you an out of body experience. This could be crushingly heavy riffs making you lose control. It could be a pulsing dance beat taking you into a trance. In today’s case it’s a trip to the dreamscape with Harry Edwards’ new track ‘The Only Thing You See’.

There’s a huge bed of atmosphere in his song which sounds like sitting at a window with rain pouring down outside. It’s a tranquil sound. Percussion and piano are present but only chime in occasionally, and never feel like they have to take centre stage. It’s the echoes and tenderness of Harry’s voice which is the focus here. An easy comparison is James Blake, but his voice is on another level to Blake’s, perhaps closer to Shivrum Sharma.

From Norfolk, it’s not going to take Harry much longer to get signed. He’s already put up plenty of smooth dreamy pieces of music for you to check out on his Soundcloud, most of which are free to download meaning you can take Harry Edwards’ cloudy mirages all over with you.

Words by Scott Hastie

Tipped by Adam (Alphabet Bands) & Ian Johnson

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