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Hawk House have just released a new song, Vulcan Grip (Topic 3), featured on their EP ‘A Handshake to the Brain’. It’s a solid piece of hip hop from the London trio, made up of Sam, Eman, and Demae, and showcases the group at their tightest and most interesting.

They’re a refreshing prospect, not only because they’re Brits, but because their production is forward-thinking, quirky and progressive. Think early Kid Cudi, or even moments of De La Soul‘s career where they caught you off guard with their retro-futuristic craft. Hawk House have already sold out a London headliner and are making waves overseas too. You’ll see them on the festival circuit this summer as well, so if you’re in Reading or Leeds this year, make sure you hit them up.

Words by Chad Male

Tipped by Lewis Lister

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