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Glasgow is fast becoming a treasure trove of new music, and thrashy jangly pop duo Honeyblood are rising fast to the top of the pile. ‘Kissing On You’ is a perfect example of their sound, gorgeous vocals and catchy hooks lay perfectly over the top of a shoegazey mesh of guitars and drums that are reminiscent of My Vitriol and Yuck.

The track is packed with a ferocity and sense of fun akin to the much missed Be Your Own Pet, it’s a song that demands you to jump about the room singing along, be it your bedroom or the hippest of indie clubs. With their first vinyl fresh out on Fat Cat Records, Honeyblood should be all set to bring their effortlessly charming garage pop tunes out of its Glaswegian roots and into the rest of the world.

Words by David McDonald

Tipped by Andy Von Pip

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