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Autumn is my favourite time of year, I think. I love crispy mornings, hearing leaves crunch under my feet. I love the warm reds and oranges of a toasty fall fire on a cosy autumn night. Most of all, I love a good autumn cardigan.

On his debut track, Ali Milesi, it seems, can’t wait for Autumn either. Although cardigans are probably the last thing on his mind. The nom de plume of the aforementioned Edinburgh based singer songwriter Ali Milesi, Lists unveiled ‘Autumn’ just after the turn of the year, marking the tentative first steps of an exciting newcomer.

Milesi’s sweet Scottish accent gently serenades over delicate guitars, prettily plucked as he opens up on regrets and insecurities. “It’ll be autumn soon/so let’s just try and see the summer through” he croons over its fragile beat. The subtle beginnings lead perfectly to the track’s foot-stomping, campfire chorus that really brings the song alive. The result is as heart-warming as it is heart breaking and helps create the most impressively assured debut I’ve heard this side of 2014.

Words by George Shaw

Tipped by Tom Johnson from Gold Flake Paint

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