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With a band name like LVLS (as in Loveless) and a song called ‘Blood Dance’, one would be forgiven for imagining a crew of black-clad gothic depressives, groaning about the unfairness of their existence over a fug of distorted guitars and 100mph drums. The reality is somewhat different: on ‘Blood Dance’ LVLS make architectural electro-indie which explodes in a riot of glossy synth stabs and reckless funk guitar – imagine Robert Smith hosting an office karaoke party with OMD’s Paul Humphreys on synths and Kate Pierson on backing vocals.

But it goes a bit deeper than that, because ordinarily LVLS are a more conventional guitar band, but on ‘Blood Dance’ there are only the skeletal remains of what could have been a full band arrangement. There’s that relentless guitar in one’s right ear, and there’s an audacious lo-fi acoustic drum solo halfway through, but otherwise it’s electronic all the way. Curiously there seems to be no bass whatsoever. Not one for the dancefloor then, but certainly one for 80s revivalists who like their beats as angular as their haircuts.

Words by Martin Sharman

Tipped by Emily Brinnand

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