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Such are the times, we should well expect new artists to reveal very little about themselves at the early stages of their creative output – and that is very much the case with Mononoke. The seemingly Liverpool-based (although Soundcloud declares it a London project) Mononoke uploaded only one track in the sparse and slow burning ‘Alice’ last month – and, as far as debuts go, it’s pretty damn enticing. The track does precisely what the exemplary online newcomer should do in absorbing the listener’s attention and leaving them awash with curiosity. We already want to know more, so, Mononoke, whoever you may be, consider us well and truly on board.

It’s less-is-more style is entirely captivating, with sparsely punctuated chords and deft vocals swelling at intervals throughout the song. Throw in some endearing, metaphor-laced vocals that play on well-known aspects of Alice In Wonderland and you’re laughing. We say laughing… we mean crying, as ‘Alice’ is a downright tearjerker of a song.

Words by Neil Wood

Tipped by Adam from Alphabet Bands

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