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There’s not much to say about Neue York, really. Apart from the fact they’re neue, there’s three of them (two boys and a girl), they’re from London and, probably, like New York. With so little information, we can get right now to brass tracks. In this particular occasion it’s the two tracks they’ve dropped since the turn of the year.

‘Silence’ opens like something I heard on my last visit to Bede’s World and closes with a mournful, proud solo horn that almost can’t help but bring to mind The Salvation Army at Christmas, particular as it begins its fade out to the noise of a bustling street. In between all that sinister synths buzz in the background, guitars spiral into dreamy patterns and we’re encouraged to leave in silence.

In contrast, ‘Older’ appears as a more stripped back affair, on the surface at least. Built around thumping pianos and haunting female vocals, it plays around with a formula that means comparisons to London Grammar are inevitable. However, there are constant clues to concealed depths littered throughout.

They come in the form of the frequent bursts of melancholic horns that begin to fill the sparse crevices created by the track’s fizzing, kinetic energy, helping create sweet, sombre atmospherics that casually hint at hidden layers of forlorn beauty.

Words by George Shaw

Tipped by Tom Cotton

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