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If my over-bearing hatred for those checking in to enjoy their summer jollies hadn’t yet reached boiling point, this joyously shimmering Summer anthem from Manchester’s Oceaán has gone some way to tipping me over the edge.

Loosely weaving contemporary influences of the likes of James Blake, Disclousre and SBTRKT, to come up with a fresh, soulful tide draining track, ‘Neéd You’ is laced with elements of R’n’B stripped back as far as its African roots and presented with a warmth of melody and character.

This is the track you take home from Ibiza after days stretched out relaxing outside of Cafe Del Mar. It’s the obscure sultry chill out addition to a DJs Summer set and the one which sticks. its the download following the holiday. It’s sultry as hell with an impeccable balance of groove and urban pop.

It’s bloody impeccable and an absolute Summer scorcher.

Words by Emma Howe

Triple-Tipped by Emily Brinnand, Shell Zenner and Tom from Gold Flake Paint 

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