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She’s been toted as the UK female equivalent to Missy Elliot, nicknamed as ‘Sharp Shooter’ and has done her own take on Jay Z‘s 99 Problems, swapping the “b*tch” for “pr*ck”. It’s quite easy to see why she’s getting attention. Instead of explicitly offering commercial sensibilities and falling prey to easy-sell pop music, Phreeda Sharp instead sticks two fingers up and comes out on top. The Ghana-born, French-Ghanaian Hackney-hometowner’s sound is a rich tapestry of grime, dub and hip-hop, combining sass with attitude.

Her latest effort ‘Gold Car’ combines Sharp’s influences with an intensity and ferociousness that is seldom seen in female artists within the same genre. The production from Ollie Green is tight, creating a mirage of sounds with the vocal samples reminiscent of Timbaland and a chorus worthy of UK Top 40 attention. Her ‘Ruby, Sex & Vultures’ mixtape is out now, and is definitely worth checking out. Say you were there first.

Words by Chad Male

Tipped by Joe Frankland

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