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If you heard any of the many freestyles or interviews from Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky‘s recent UK promo run then you’ve already heard the name Piff Gang. Rocky has been a fan of the London collective for a while now and they accompanied him onstage last year at the infamous Electric Ballroom show where his Rolex was stolen.

But this is the pay off for a hardworking group that head London’s New Wave of rappers who are making some of the most exciting hip-hop music to come from the UK in a long time. Having taken the mixtape route, that is so often scuppered by UK artists- stealing US beats and wary of giving away free material, PG recently released their fourth ‘Greenhouse’ and haven’t jacked a beat yet, due to their talented in-house producers; Budgie, Crankz and Sumgii.

The final track from the tape, ‘Keep It Moving,’ which was given a Stay Hungry directed visual which was released on Christmas Day, is a great introduction to the Piff Gang sound. Mic duties are handled by Super Dertie, Don Silk and Phaze What, who spit over syrupy bass heavy production courtesy of Sumgii, about their success, haters, girls and progression (as well as a reference to fellow buzzing London artist ItsNate, and his track ‘Recline Upwards’); subject matter they’ve been slated for by many, but undoubtedly the topics that are the concerns of young men who are suddenly the subject of attention from the hip-hop community and music industry.

Piff Gang and their peers and affiliates have an undoubtedly original sound and one that can actually translate outside of the country and their genre, it’s this sound that has allowed them to comfortably jump from supporting the likes of New New York representatives Children Of The Night, hip-hop legends Ghostface and Sheek Louch and securing a slot for AlunaGeorge‘s upcoming London show next month. It’ll be exciting to see where The UK’s New Wave will go from here.

Words by Grant Brydon

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