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Subtle atmospherics ambiently fuse together to create this wonderful bedroom demo by South London’s Shivum Sharma. There are huge undertones of RnB and soul in his voice, but instead of going for volume, you can picture him sat a millimetre away from the microphone, creating an intimacy that you generally only hear in Bon Iver (and his wannabes).

The instrumentation is minimalistic, yet blended together incredibly. It’s because of this that you can tell he’s been influenced by bass music and electronica just as much as RnB and soul. If you’re a fan of Jai Paul, Bon Iver, James Black, and just GOOD music in general, then this is a winner.

Oh and if I haven’t summed up the vibe already… if this song was to be put onto an album, you wouldn’t want it re-recorded.

Words by Chad Male

Tip courtesy of Kaptin

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