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Since being featured on The Tipping Point back in March, Moko has found her way on to the Radio 1 playlist, performed at Glastonbury, and released her brilliant debut EP ‘Black’.  It’s fairly safe to assume that one of the reasons for the New Cross native’s success has to be that winning combination of her powerful, soulful voice and the 90s House and Soul-inspired production from Imposters.

Earlier this year, The Tipping Point featured the first single from Moko’s ‘Black EP’, ‘Summon The Strength’. The track used some futuristic production to mix together the deep sound of UK bass with a beat typical of nineties R & B to provide the perfect backdrop for Moko’s elegant gospel vocal.

Moko owes her vocal talent to the church she attended growing up, and her sound places her right up there with the best of the nu soul/future R & B movement.  At a cruel four tracks long, her ‘Black EP’ offers merely a taster Moko’s astonishing sound – the stage is certainly set for Moko to clean up in 2014.

Words by Lewis Lister

Originally posted on The Tipping Point on March 18th

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