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TOTT #10: S O H N

London producer S O H N was first tipped back in October, when his track ‘The Wheel’ came to our attention via Simon Pursehouse from Sentric Music.This time ‘Red Lines’ is up for scrutiny, and much like ‘The Wheel’ this track is a glitch-ridden gem.

Slow and surging, it’s almost as if ‘Red Lines’ has a life of its own. The beat pulses, and the vocals that creep in are very reminiscent of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke in places. Anything by S O H N, with his autumnal vibes, makes for perfect listening at this time of year.

‘Red Lines’ is available as part of ‘The Wheel’ EP on the recently formed Aesop imprint.

Words by Patrick Swift

Originally posted at Generator on December 10th 

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