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Purveyors of angular punk-riffs and melodic sing-a-long choruses, Guildford four-piece Trails have been a fixture on the underground UK rock scene for a while now, receiving praise from the likes of Kerrang!, Rocksound and Punktastic. Despite forming in 2010, Trails are only releasing their debut album ‘Crooked Trees’ in September of this year, but they do say good things come to those who wait.

Up until now, the band have released two EPs, the second of which, ‘Signs’ (released in March 2013), demonstrated a much brasher, more urgent sound than their first, the self-titled Trails EP. With the release of the first single from Crooked Trees, ‘Egos At The Door’, Trails continue in this direction. Bursting with frenetic energy, Egos At The Door has a jerky, keep you on your toes quality that seamlessly blends rifftastic, raw verses with a more anthemic, pop-punk infused chorus.

Trails have started a kickstarter page to help fund the release of Crooked Trees, and if this first single is anything to go by, their debut is certainly worth investing in.

Words by Linsey Teggert

Tipped by Stu from Picture Sound

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