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Firstly, Sheffield’s Tropic of Youth’s other song titles are much easier to pronounce. Secondly, that doesn’t even matter cause this epic slice of pop goodness is totally terrific. As part of their Sun City EP, out on 7th April 2014 by Plastic Fish Records, lead single Poa Kichizi Kama Ndizi manages to create a mirage of summer haziness, coupled with subtle Afrobeat influences and an indie-pop sheen that is surely going to get the band going places. And that wasn’t a reference to the former UK travel agency brand either, although Tropic of Youth’s music makes you want to go on holiday and simultaneously hits you like a Barbados Punch.

Comparing an artist like this is always a bit rocky, as they’ve got so much of their own to offer, but if you dig Swim Deep, Only Real, Vampire Weekend and even Dan Croll, you’re 100% sure to be pleased.

Words By Chad Male

Tipped By Jordan (Semi Detached)

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