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Very little is known about today’s tip Vaults, well, pretty much nothing in fact, except that they’re London-based. A few days ago, the mysterious ensemble uploaded the perfectly produced, radio-ready ‘Cry No More’ to their Soundcloud page, a track which has had bloggers salivating and has currently racked up over 94,000 plays. A perusal of their social media and website draws a blank – it would seem these sneaky Londoners are, quite rightly so, letting the music do the talking.

Cry No More is a gleaming, multi-layered slice of indie electro. Its opening is slightly deceptive, hinting at a cinematic indie ballad with chiming glockenspiel and delicate keys. A female vocal heartbreakingly swoons as the track builds from its subtle beginnings to a crescendo as synths begin to pulse and drive the track onward, allowing the unknown siren to demonstrate a powerful and dramatic vocal. Cry No More nods towards newcomers CHVRCHES, though Vaults‘ track treads a darker path, and there’s also hints of Florence and the Machines‘ more recent dance-infused sound at play here.

It’s very rare for a brand new band to release a debut as polished and promising as Cry No More, and this introduction to the elusive Vaults will no doubt have music-lovers chomping at the bit to discover more.

Words by Linsey Teggert

Tipped by Josh Dalton from Crack In The Road

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