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Digital Bootcamp

It’s time for some tough love and Digital Bootcamp is here to whip you into shape!

Digital Bootcamp is the only one like it in the UK. It is an industry standard, hands-on course which will enhance your teams’ digital skills, propelling your workforce into the present and setting you up for the future.


Delivered flexibly to suit your organisation, this unique programme offers extensive insights into the digital sector, valuable agency and project management experience, alongside essential soft skills training.

Our in-house partners are some of the best digital businesses in the North East – they will act as your mentor, upskilling your team through practical workshops and events centred around core digital activities.

It’s for organisations and individuals who need a better grasp of what’s going on in the digital world, wish to be more digitally savvy and adopt best practice ways of working. From those wishing to break into the tech space to creative agencies that are aware they need to up their game; Digital Bootcamp is essential for:

  • Developers/Designers
  • Marketing or Communications Assistants/Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Account Executives/Managers
  • Product Owners/Managers
  • And many more!


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Digital Bootcamp Partners

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