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#DUSocial: Content Creation & Marketing

Working with industry experts from our extensive network, the #DUSocial series is designed with marketing professionals in mind and will provide practical advice and key takeaways that you can implement into your social media strategies immediately after each session.

Our first masterclass sees the return of creative technologist and journalist, Christian Payne, aka @Documentally to the region.

If you’re still thinking audience or customer over network, then you may never get to know what they really need. Let us consider how your content can resonate with your network, how it can make them feel something. Join us to explore story shapes and content creation tools, tips and tricks, as we enable you to turn your ideas into projects you are passionate about. Snipers target, we sow seeds. Now where shall we plant?

Christian Payne specialises in creative technology and communications. Working with multimedia creation, social media documenting and amplification. Christian runs coaching sessions, workshops and also consults internationally. Working with news agencies, political parties, The United Nations, the arts and corporate sector.

​Using mobile devices to document his surroundings, Christian captures and shares stories and interactions in real time.

​As well as giving workshops he talks on social technology and topics relating to effective use of social media. Photojournalism, public relationships, video, podcasting, creative instigation or anything involving networked media.

Key takeaways

This workshop will:

  • Give you the tools to find creative ideas when you need them.
  • Show you different story shapes for your online spaces.
  • Help you develop your narrative strategy.
  • Show you the tools available to create engaging multimedia stories in-house.
  • Help you think of the your networks more as a community and not just your audience
  • Enable you to develop online shared experiences.

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