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“Being able to support start-ups and SMEs is a huge privilege to us – we were a start-up ourselves so we completely empathise with any entrepreneur starting their own business. We love being there to support in any way we can. Digital Union has provided fantastic networking opportunities and support from the rest of the members and sponsors! ”.

“We have really benefitted from becoming a member of Digital Union. The networking events are a great way to speak to like minded people and the support we receive from the team is second to none.”.

Paul Hart Founder at Cargo Creative

“Every sector has its hub that supports them and I think that integration with these hubs is key to understanding the sector. Digital Union offers just that. I found that it can be difficult to make the right connections and to integrate into a sector that we are still learning about and joining Digital Union is a great way to address this.”.

“Digital Union has been instrumental in raising the profile of JAC Media and has propelled the work we do and our profile in the region dramatically. It's an honour to be a valued member of the regions creative, digital and tech community and we believe Digital Union has the genuine ability to unlock yet more tangible opportunities for us both in the North East and the UK. ”.

Jon Corbett Owner

“Those starting out in the tech and digital sector can gain a lot from being a member of Digital Union. From networking with others within the sector to meeting the more experienced businesses who become mentor to help with raising the profile of your own activity and finding like-minded companies to work with and partner with – it’s a great network of people. ”.

Jennifer Scullion PR Executive

“The purpose of Digital Union is to support and represent the sector that we’re operating in. For Ronald James, it seems natural for us to be a part of something that exists to make our economy and business better. Joining Digital Union is an easy yet effective way of supporting our local digital and tech sector, whilst gaining a great bit of exposure for your business. ”.

“Digital Union and its members have a common goal and that is to fly the flag high for the North East’s creative digital and tech sector, which will ultimately help to secure the industry’s long term prosperity. It is important for the region to have an organisation that understands, supports and actively promotes the sector, and Digital Union’s fast-growing membership reflects the calibre of its work. We would encourage other organisations to join this organisation which has the interests of its members at the heart of everything it does”.

Iain Nixon Executive Director for Commercial Activity

“Being part of of the always supportive, Digital Union has been invaluable for our business. Generator has made countless recommendations to others about us and we are lucky enough to be enrolled on the Digital Scale Up programme. Generator and Digital Union have really helped raise the profile of The Office Rocks within the North East and beyond. The training available via Generator to not only myself but also the rest of my team has been fantastic. I recommend Digital Union/Generator to all North East based tech and creative businesses. It really is a no brainer! ”.

Laura Middleton Owner

“We joined Digital Union because we are passionate about the North East and we wanted to work with likeminded people to raise the profile of the digital sector both in the North East and the rest of the country. Digital Union provide a unified voice to drive that. We’re also looking at new ways of promoting tombola in the region and the Digital Union network helps us get our name out there. We are seeing the benefits already and are looking forward to a long relationship.”.

Neil Guy Head of Operations International

“Our partnership with Digital Union will enable the University of Sunderland to further support businesses in meeting their growth potential. We have a team on-hand to support businesses with navigating funding opportunities, attracting graduate talent via placements or internships and accessing higher skills development for their new and existing workforce – from continuous professional development courses to Modular Masters and Degree Apprenticeships. ”.

Ken Teears Business Development Manager

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