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This new programme powered by Generator and Auxin Services aims to help innovation SMEs further reach their full-potential.

To build a successful, innovative company requires more than hard work and a good idea. The principles required combine a clear strategy enabled by a great team, pursuing a responsive relevant, market with access to effective support.

The journey starts with your ability to clearly communicate the innovation you are bringing to the market, together with a clear strategy for the direction of the business. Your next challenge is to convince investors and the market that you can execute your plan, and deliver a credible and winning strategy.

This is where most people fall down. As business scale-up specialists, we regularly come across promising propositions that fail because of a lack of focus and incomplete planning. Companies who can not demonstrate clearly what they do, why customers need what they are offering, supported by a solid business plan underpinned with realistic financial forecasts, usually don’t end up commercialising their ideas.

We are here to help. We have developed a programme of support that will help you and your company shape and refine your innovative idea to validate your commercial proposition. With help you will be in a stronger position to present successfully to investors and engage better with potential customers.

For the right companies there is a £10,000 funding package available. The package has two elements:

  1. £6,000 to be used by the business to build the initial proposition or even prototype
  2. £4,000 to fund the support being offered and deliver the outcomes detailed above.

You will also benefit from peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and new networking opportunities.

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