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This week we continue our latest feature on the Tipping Point, spotlighting the biggest and best emerging acts from across the UK. Each Monday, we ask one of our esteemed tippers to select five of their hottest tips to be featured on the site throughout the week.

Today we introduce Edie McQueen, music writer for Dork, Upset and Yuck Magazine. Check out Edie’s top new music picks below!


Sheffield based crooners Oh Papa make gentle music to soothe your soul, brimming with syrup smooth vocals and classic sounding guitars. Their second EP ‘Sitcom’, released earlier on this year, is a little nugget of retro slacker gold, crafted to soundtrack slow mornings and lazy afternoons. Gilding their masculinity with a certain delicacy, Oh Papa is the calm in the storm of arrogant indie, and one you should be listening to.



A band with a massive hype around them considering they have just one single out on Spotify at the moment, Softy balance the emotional intensity of the post-punk scene with softer, groovier rhythms. In February of this year they released ‘Sheet Safe’, their gorgeously danceable debut single, combining broken hearted vocals with a strange kind of danger that lurks in the low, dystopic call of “sheet safe” itself. I can’t wait for its follow up.



Children of the State’s opulent rock n roll has seen them build a substantial following; they’ve supported Temples, The Mysterines, and appeared at festivals such as YNOT and Tramlines, slowly carving their name into our minds. With their burning bravado and glamorous indie they are one of the most fun bands out there, making you want to waltz as much as you’ll want to mosh – vulnerabilities are translated into euphoric hooks and cinematic grooves. Latest single ‘Hot Money’, released on the fourteenth of October, is swaggering, sordid gold, exemplifying their charisma, with a good measure of darkness. Check out ‘Superposition’ for some added saxophone goodness.



Glaswegian favourites Walt Disco’s debut EP, ‘Young Hard and Handsome’ opens with a short stab of piety, before quickly devolving into the lipgloss punk that so many have fallen in love with. Their lavish, crashing sounds and surly androgyny is designed to seduce – when lead singer James Potter tells us ‘I’m what you want’, we believe it. Attracting rave reviews from the likes of So Young, DIY and NME and having recently supported Sports Team on tour, it won’t be long before Walt Disco’s sleazy glamour dominates us all.



On my twentieth birthday, my friend told me to listen to ‘20’ by Hannah’s Little Sister and I never looked back. It’s snarling indie cacophony and biting femininity signal something pretty special from the Liverpudlian outfit, and this year they’ve followed it up with two more sure fire hits. The crashing pop whimsy of ‘Gum’ and ‘Bin Mouth’ continue ‘20’s petulant punk, but with a fresh injection of sweet savagery. Their debut EP, out this Friday (20th November), is definitely one to look forward to.

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