UK Music: Magical Mystery Tour

According to a recent report from UK Music, the UK could earn an additional £4bn every year in ‘music heritage tourism’. Roll up for the mystery tour! ‘Imagine’, the most recent study by the umbrella trade body unsurprisingly looks towards Merseyside as a model of lucrative music nostalgia. Heritage experiences based on The Beatles brings in £70m for Liverpool’s economy each year.

Jo Dipple, UK Music CEO, said: “Music tourism is big business, with millions of pounds spent getting closer to the music we love. Our recommendations in Imagine are designed to help local and central Government provide a framework for a vibrant music destination economy. We want to inspire local authorities to make the most of the music heritage on their doorstep”.

“Liverpool has harnessed the potential of its musical heroes and is seeing huge economic and cultural benefits. But the story shouldn’t end there. Cities across the UK have strong music histories and could create a new economy by exploiting their own music heritage”.

Apparently, Hull is also a leader in the field with the world’s only museum dedicated to night clubbing. Though if that is your cup of tea we dare say that your clubbing days may be over.

The Gen can see the future and it looks a lot like the past- From a ‘King Monkey’ urban safari swagger through Manchester to Pulp themed tours of Sheffield’s ‘sex city’ and tours of Glasgow Art School led by Edwyn Collins. Not to mention black cabs circling around a Waterloo Sunset as rush hour rages around them and Ray Davies smiles on serenely. The Gen has a patent on each and every one of those money spinners so don’t even think about it.

Find out more at UK Music.

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