Generator are the UK’s leading Music Development Agency providing business support to both the music industry and the wider, commercial and creative, digital industries.

For over 20 years we’ve provided invaluable assistance and advice, developing the infrastructure to support artist development and music business growth, creating many business successes.


Our NEW and comprehensive package of business support is designed to meet the growing business needs of the wider, commercial and creative, digital industries. Based on research and feedback from the market and informed by our extensive network of industry partners and business leaders, Generator’s provision will enable digital SMEs and start-ups alike to benefit, flourish and function in a competitive business environment.


We provide industry conferences, artist development packages, training sessions, masterclasses and advice clinics, keeping YOU up to date with the changes and challenges facing YOUR industry. We also host networking events, offer IP brokerage and consultation opportunities, plus courses to inform YOUR continuing professional development.

Whether you need Business Coaching, an Interim Director for YOUR business, or training in Agile Management for YOUR start-up, take a look at our provision to see how Generator can generate support for YOUR business.


“I am impressed by the potential of Generator-the leading music development agency in the UK set up 20 years ago with the aim of developing a more sustainable music industry in the north. Such a comprehensive and progressive artist development programme fills a gap in the market for effective development of artists at any stage of their careers. There may be potential for replicating it.” Lord Shipley 29/1/2013 Parliament


Artist and Business Support – Overview

Live Music Development – Evolution Emerging

Business Development – Artist Management Support – Owain Davies

Artist Development – Band Profile Raising – Eliza and the Bear

Artist Development – Artist Profile Raising – Lulu James

Business Development – Licensing and Brokering Support for Interactive TV company – Try Life

Building the Business of Music – Generator’s Advocacy Report

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