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Balance Collective

A Collective For Under Represented DJs and Producers in the North East

Balance Collective is a community of Women, Trans and Non-Binary people, supporting new talent and re-distributing power within the industry

About the Collective

Balance Collective is a community of Women, Trans and Non-Binary people, learning the entry level skills to become DJs and producers. The collective will seek to support new talent, and re-distribute power within the industry.

Through the Balance Collective, we want to create pathways into the industry by providing a nurturing environment for people to learn, share and fail.

We are going to build a strong community and network of under represented DJs and producers within the North East. 

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The Balance Collective will be building an open database and directory of DJs and Producers of all levels; by signing up you will be invited to workshops, masterclasses and showcase opportunities, and have the option to have your details publicly displayed on our website to be booked by local promoters.

We will link our Balance Collective DJs and Producers to promoters and support you to grow your own confidence, networks and events.

Our workshops and masterclasses will be free to access but ring-fenced for Women, Trans and Non-Binary people.

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Between June and July 2023 we will host an informal workshop series at Star and Shadow Cinema, offering a safe space for women, trans and non-binary people to learn the basics of DJing.

Our free two hour sessions will take place on Tuesday evenings with local female, trans and non-binary mentors sharing their knowledge and skills covering mixers, CDJs and Technics turntables.

These sessions will provide a nurturing environment for people to learn, share and fail, accumulating in a public showcase at the end of the workshop series.

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Check out the Balance Collective:

Natasha Evans ( She/Her)

breaks / bass / club / acid

Socials Example Mixes

India ()

psychadellic / alt rock

Socials Example Mixes

Pauline Tomaszewska ( She/They)

Jungle, Afro house, techno, bass


Vivy Huang ()

Dubstep, electronic dance music, reggaeton, hip-pop

Jesse Salaman (They/Them)



Andy Newcombe (They/Them)

Techno, Electronic, House, Experimental

Socials Example Mixes

Corin Gabrielle (She/Her/They)

EBM, Industrial, Techno, breaks, acid, experimental electronic, Post-punk, Dark Wave, Minimal Wave

Socials Example Mixes

Nat Halaseh (They/Them/Theirs)

IDM / experimental / avant-folk

Socials Example Mixes

Remy Enceladus (they)


Rosie Box ( She/Her)

House, tech house, electronic, techno, breakbeat, Balearic, minimal

Socials Example Mixes

Abigail Harris ( She/Her)

House/Garage/Break Beat/ Tech House/Electronic/Chill House

Socials Example Mixes

Bobbi Bunker ( She/Her)

Honestly open to finding my style!

Abby Harris ( She/Her)

Electronic/House/Garage/Jungle/Dance/tech house

Example Mixes

Fiona Ireland ( She/Her)


Myriam Pooley ( She/Her)

Jungle , r&b

Hope Lynes ( She/Her)

Techno Punk / Electronic Goth (would like to play)

Allison Birt ( She/Her)

Alexandrina Da Costa Nicholls ( She/Her)

I mainly play a big mix of bass heavy genres - baile funk, techno, dubstep, jungle, grime, ghettotech, perreo, reggaeton (literally name any genre from Latin America its probably on my usb) - high energy bass music! I’ve got residencies on Subtle and 1020 where I show this off

Example Mixes


ambient / dark techno / experimental / avant garde

Example Mixes

Roshni Polé ()

I'm very multi-genre: dancehall, afrobeats, baleric, disco house, r&b, soulful pop, dance... a lot of focus around POC artists and producers

Example Mixes

Katherine Kennedy ( She/Her)

Electronic, Ambient, IDM

Example Mixes

Annie Marron ( She/Her)

I love anything high energy! From garage to breaks to trance. My sets often move from 130-160bpm

Example Mixes

Sophie Thompson ( She/Her)

play or would like to play 130-180bpm / breaks, footwork, jersey club, jungle, electro

Example Mixes

Charlotte Clough ( She/Her)

play or would like to play Techno, house, trance, anything dancey and fun 🤩

Dana Smith ( She/Her)

International disco, funk, some house and hyperpop.


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