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Music Industry Advice

Music Industry Advice Sessions

Access free advice and support from music industry experts with our Music Industry Advice Sessions.

Our Music Industry Advice Sessions are the perfect starting point to find out your next steps as an artist or music industry professional.

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At Generator, supporting the North East music industry is at the heart of what we do. We’ve relaunched our Music Industry Advice clinic on a whole new scale, ensuring we best serve our community and help towards our mission of creating a sustainable music industry that ensures access for all.

Whether you’re releasing your first tracks, you’ve been offered a publishing deal or you’re looking to put on your own gigs, we’re here to help you make the right decisions that will lead you to a successful career as a musician, songwriter, and music professional.

We will be running advice sessions with our Music Industry Advisory Group filled with industry titans from across the UK, as well as with our Youth Advisory Board, filled with young experts on navigating the North East music scene.

Get to know our experts and sign up to an advice session below – advice sessions will be on a pre-agreed date and time that works for you!

Generator's Music Industry Advisory Group

Bespoke support from inspiring industry professionals

Our music industry advisory group aims to Advocate, Educate and Connect.

It’s is an advisory body set up to help develop the North East’s music industry, chaired by Stevie Wonder’s long-time representative Keith Harris.

The group features chart-topping musicians and producers, leading music lawyers, cutting-edge artists and regional stakeholders, who will be on hand to provide 1:1 advice sessions, support and advocacy for the North East throughout the year.  

As well as providing expert guidance to the region’s artists and professionals, MIAG will assist in providing guidance to Generator’s programmes. Utilising industry connections and their expertise to help benefit the North East’s music community.

We’re always looking for inspiring industry leaders to join the group to offer advice to the next generation of talent. If this sounds like you, email


Book a session with a member of MIAG

MIAG holds host to experts across all aspects of the Music Industry from music law, to funding, to eduction.

They all have a common passion for supporting and nurturing the North East music community at all levels, whether you’re just starting out or you’re well on your way to building a career in the music industry.

Click below to learn a bit more about our group and discover which expert will suit your needs best.

Meet the Group

Keith Harris

Manager & Chair of the Group

Mick Ross


Paul Lennon

Music Lawyer

Bernard Butler


Hazel Wilde


Wendy Smith

Musician/Creative Director of Sage Gateshead

Cannelle Bencherqi

A&R - Atlantic Records

Sue Collier

Promoter/Tour Manger

Jack Redpath

Lecturer/Educational Leader

Ellie Giles


Jim Mawdsley

Promoter/NCC Events Lead

Kema Kay


Louise Henry

Funding/Outreach Specialist

Thom Lewis


Grace Stubbings

Creative Practitioner & Artist

Ryan Lofthouse

Founder - Closer Artists

Dr Melanie Grundy

Doctor & Artist

Simon Pursehouse

Sentric Music Group

Philip Morris

Regional Officer for the North of England for Musicians’ Union

Generator's Youth Advisory Board

Our Youth Advisory Board helps to influence and shape Generator’s programmes, ensuring that the work we do is of the highest quality and relevant for the next generation of North East talent that we seek to serve.

Made up of professionals aged 18-25 from all corner’s of the North East creative community, our YAB gives individuals who want to make a difference in the North East an opportunity to have their voices heard and give back to the community in which they thrive.

As Generator’s programmes are aimed at young and new artists or professionals, we need to ensure our advice sessions represent those who we support.

Meet our Youth Advisory group below and book an advice session with them.

Meet Our Youth Advisory Group

Grace Stubbings

Creative Practitioner & Artist

Eddie Scott

Business Owner, Songwriter and Musician

Once you have applied we will review your answers and pair you up with the advisor we feel is the most relevant to your needs and therefore able to offer you the best advice. While we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to pair you with your preferred advisor specified in your application, we will do our very best to accommodate.


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