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This week we’re continuing our brand new feature on Tipping Point – ‘NE Hot Seat’ – where we sit down with some of the region’s brightest talent on a monthly basis, shine a spotlight on their latest work and...
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Opencast’s Recruitment Drive Continues at Pace

Dozens of new starters have joined the Opencast team in recent weeks while dozens more offers of employment have been made. Recruitment has been across every department, but especially around product delivery, where Scala, Java and .Net programmers have...
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Women Are Mint Festival is Back!

With an absolutely banging line-up, curated by Newcastle based musician Martha Hill, Women Are Mint is guaranteed to satisfy every musical itch you need to scratch. From powerful singer-songwriters, to dynamic hip-hop artists, to mind-blowing DJs and performers; there...
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How Further Education Meets Industry Demands for Software Skills

Job losses will cut deep, especially in retail and hospitality, with thousands of mainly younger workers in need of new career opportunities. Students are understandably anxious about the future; Covid robbed them of a huge part of the college...
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Free Online Learning Launched at Newcastle College

The new programme of short, online courses is focused on helping people to adapt to the challenges of Covid-19, improve their CV and prepare for a future beyond lockdown. With 30 courses available across a range of subjects, individuals...
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Why Marketing Spend Ultimately Equals Market Growth

We saw businesses closing left right and centre, Brits finding themselves out of work and when it came to looking at increasing marketing spend for many, it was a no-go. However, amongst the economic doom and gloom of the...
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Digital Specialist Urges Firms to Back Apprenticeships

Caroline Hagan, founder and managing director of Blueocto, was an early adopter of remote working, having made the decision in MONTH 2019 to close the company’s office in favour of providing her team with a more flexible work-life balance....


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