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Create: Amplify

Uncover Alternative Ways to Make Money in Music

Our New Programme Provides Artists and Industry Professionals the Skills to Monetise Music Through Publishing, Library and Sync with Wipe Out Publishing

About The Programme & Workshops

Create:Amplify Bootcamp Programme with Wipe Out Publishing

We’re partnering with Wipe Out Publishing to launch a part-time bootcamp programme taking place over 20 weeks from July 3rd – September 18th for recording artists and industry professionals to learn all the skills needed to build a career in Library Music.

Library or Production music is music recorded to a brief by work-for-hire musicians, which is owned by music-library labels and lent out to TV, film, advertisements, online or in video games. It is licensed to other businesses and is not commercially released.

Our Create:Amplify programme will take 4 recording artists and 12 supervisor/ producers through the process of a fully subsidised recording, as well as the mixing of a final output track.

Read full breakdown of the artist schedule here and the producer schedule here

Applications Are Now Closed

Who Is the Bootcamp Programme For?


Musicians who wish to develop new commercial pathways by learning to compose Library/Production Music.

Create:Amplify will provide an opportunity for artists to:

  • Use their existing skills in performance and composition in a new way
  • Learn the discipline of writing to a brief / for a client
  • Receive professional feedback and instruction on demo Library submissions
  • Professionally record a 4-track library EP.

Read a breakdown of the artist schedule here

Applications are now closed

Music Industry Professionals

Aspiring Music Industry Professionals who wish to learn the skills to build a career in an under-utilised area of the music industry.

This is an opportunity to learn about Music Publishing and how to commission and pitch Library Music. Under supervision of an experienced Library producer and supervisor, participants will learn how to:

  • Creatively interpret a client brief & apply critical judgement skills
  • Co-develop briefs which artists from the cohort will use to develop demos
  • Collaborate with artists on the programme to develop demos and a final recorded product

Read a full breakdown of the producer schedule here

Applications Are Now Closed

Create: Amplify Publishing Workshops

About the Publishing Workshops

Alongside the Bootcamp Programme, Wipe Out Publishing will be running 5 public workshops demystifying the world of music publishing, covering everything attendees should know about copyright, how music publishers work, and how they can make money from their music.

These workshops are designed for attendees at all points in their careers – whether they have just written their first song or released their fiftieth, or whether you’re looking to start a career in the music industry or you’re well on your way.

With so many music creators choosing a DIY route to making a career in music, it’s important that you know how services such as PRS, MCPS and PPL work to ensure you’re not missing out on making money from your music and performances. No question is a stupid question!

Scroll through our workshop series below. More information and sign up here

  • 6th June 2023

    An Introduction To Music Rights

    It’s all about copyright. Who owns it, who controls it, who collects it and how you can maximise your revenue streams and make money from them.

    You’ll learn about the roles of record labels, music publishers and Collective Management Organisations.

  • 13th June 2023

    Publishing and the PRS/MCPS

    What do publishers do for composers and authors? How do you administer your own copyrights? All will be revealed.

    We’ll delve deeper into the world of the PRS/MCPS explaining how you can administer your copyrights and how you can maximise your revenue streams. You’ll learn what works well with them and what doesn’t work and what you need be alert to.

  • 20th June 2023

    PPL and Performer Royalties

    If you’ve ever performed on a recording that’s been commercially released then you’re potentially due royalties. We’ll explain how, why you should join, the process and how to claim what’s rightfully yours.

  • 27th June 2023

    Getting Your Career Moving

    Let’s get the basics right. What you need think about when releasing music. Then when you’ve stared to achieve success what do you need do next to move up another rung on the ladder? We’ll give you all the pointers.

  • 4th July 2023

    Sync Bespoke, Commercial, Library Music, Blanket Licences

    Everybody wants their music to appear on advertising, TV shows, film etc. How does that happen, what are the routes into this and what can you do to increase opportunities?

This project has been supported by the Creative Central: NCL programme, funded by the North of Tyne Combined Authority and Newcastle City Council. It is available to businesses based in the North of Tyne Combined Authority area.


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