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Developing the Next Generation of Talent in the Music Industry

Create: Develop is a 12-month development scheme for musicians and artists, including songwriters, producers, band members & composers.

The Generator team have been amazing at helping me determine the best way to progress my career, and put steps in place to make sure that happens.

Eddie Scott, Create: Develop

The Programme

Musicians taking part in studio activity at the Nadine Shah residency in 2018

Create: Develop is a 12-month development scheme aimed at songwriters (including producers, solo artists, band members & composers).

Five acts will be selected to go through a development process culminating in recording and releasing new material via a short-term recording & publishing deal with Generator’s own record label imprint, Tipping Point Records. This will include presenting their projects at showcasing opportunities and participating in industry-ready Residency, Masterclass & Mentoring programmes.

The emphasis of this programme is very much on the creative process of writing and producing original music with a strong undercurrent of learning how to operate in the current music industry landscape.

Each artist will be allocated a mentor who is a professional musician with a foothold in the music industry.

During the 12-month programme, artists will be given the opportunity to take part in Generator’s week-long songwriting and production residencies to explore creative practices and technical ability, as well as access to the Tipping Point music industry masterclass programme covering key areas of the industry.

Each artist will be allocated a peer-to-peer mentor who is currently a professional musician in a similar genre and already have a foothold in the music industry, as well as music business mentors who will advise the artists on career progression and interacting with the music industry.

Criteria & Applications

a girl taking part in the Anna Meredith residency
  • Artists selected to take part will be done on artistic ability.
  • Each artist must be able to submit existing recordings for review.
  • Artists do not necessarily need to be experienced but must demonstrate a commitment to writing new material on a regular basis.

Applications for 2021 are now closed as this programme is already taking place. Applications for the 2022 cohort will reopen at the beginning of the year. Please keep an eye out on this page for more information.

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