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December 2018

Tipping Point

Music Masters: DIY Touring

In our fourth session of our latest round of music masters event events, we’re pleased to bring you DIY TOURING, talking all things touring and getting those first few out-of-town shows. Whether it’s gig-swaps or festival slots, our experienced panellists will tell you just how to get yourself going.

January 2019

Digital Union

#DUSocial: Content Creation & Marketing

Over the course of 2019, we will be bringing you deep dives into content creation, platforms, strategy, advertising, video, and much more.

It’s time to #DUSocial properly!

February 2019

Digital Union

#DUSocial: LinkedIn

In this workshop, Sammy and Tegan from O Communications will take you through the best way to approach LinkedIn and incorporate it into your marketing campaigns.

March 2019

Digital Union

#DUSocial: Podcasting

We are leaning back into long-form content, podcasts are now the go-to source for almost everything. You know they’re doing well when Oprah has two! But how do you go about creating one? And furthermore, how do you get people to listen to it?


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