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Generator and Digital Union are pleased to present the second edition of One Region, One Sector, One Statement, produced in partnership with leading organisations Sunderland Software City, Dynamo North East, JUMP, Invest North East England, Tech Nation, Tech North East and Middlesbrough Digital.

The reception we received from the first edition of One Region, One Sector, One Statement was over whelming and it is difficult to name one naysayer.

Our intention with this was quite simple; to produce a document that presented a broad, positive picture of the Digital and Tech sector right across the North East. Moving forward, we want this document to be used by everyone promoting the region, to demonstrate the wide range of great companies working in all areas of the sector. We want those in education to show students of any age what amazing opportunities there are in the North East, we want new start-ups and job seekers to realise the breadth of what there is in the North East and what we are really strong at. We want investors from around the UK to see that we have a serious range of opportunities for them and we want the general public, through the media, to realise how much we mean to the economy and the community.

We have seen some real advances and additions to the region that will continue to build on our strengths. We were obviously delighted to see that the BBC have chosen to open their Tech Hub in the North East, to develop the technology that underpins the ‘iPlayer’ and ‘BBC Sounds’ services. Both of these services are looking to attract and build stronger, younger audiences for the BBC and we believe this will help to attract more young people from across the North East to want to train in the sector.

Over in Middlesbrough we saw the announcement of Boho Next Generation, which will see the expansion of its flexible, adaptable accommodation with the addition of Boho 8, 9 and 10, along with the provision of event space and 100 living units, catering to the changing needs of a dynamic, digital and creative industry. All of this tied into the existing Boho buildings, with backing from Middlesbrough Digital, will equate to one of the most exciting and thriving digital campuses in the UK, if not Europe. The DigitalCity initiative has continued its support throughout the Tees Valley and has helped 60 companies to grow and adopt technology over the past 12 months.

We have also seen the launch of a Sunderland Software City driven initiative, the North East Digital Festival, which we know will go from strength to strength. On the acquisitions front, it’s great to see Bede Gaming, Elastic Path (previously Moltin), Orchard Information Systems and Mkodo with new ownership and investment. Add to this, businesses that have secured investment, including IoT Tech, Biosignatures and Atlas Cloud and we continue to have much to shout about.


Highlighting incredible businesses, showcasing both strong and emerging subsectors and promoting the extensive resources of support available to the sector, One Region, One Sector, One Statement is a baseline document fit for all of us to use to promote North East Creative Digital and Tech and appreciate its opportunities.

Ultimately, we hope this statement will help to inspire our next generation, attract talent and inward investment to our region and firmly put us on the map as an innovative place to live and work.

Download and view the final Statement: One Region, One Sector, One Statement.


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