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Introducing Our Business Experts: Duo Consulting – How to Motivate & Influence

Generator welcomes Sarah Callender and Laura Weaving of Duo Global Consulting to our new Supply Chain North East Business Panel. Read their blog on how to motivate and influence - the foundations often forgotten about in effective leadership and management.


Every word you say, how you say it, and the actions you make with your body, have an impact on the people around you. Becoming more aware of the impact you have on others, will help you improve both how you communicate, and how you build relationships.

Most challenges involve people, whether in business or in our personal lives – the way people behave through what they say or do is typically at the root cause of most issues. Whether you are managing your team through a period of growth or change, looking to build more impactful relationships with clients, or simply looking at how to communicate better, a deeper understanding of behavioural patterns will give you invaluable insight into how to influence and motivate others.

On a traditional leadership & management workshop, you would expect to cover all of the theoretical models of effective leaders and managers, typical roles and responsibilities and generally come away having built a more varied management toolkit.

Whilst all of the above is valuable -often the very basic elements of how to motivate and influence people is forgotten about, despite it being the foundation all of the management tools and models should be built upon. At Duo, we focus on building those foundations through understanding behaviour, and thus, how to motivate and influence people.

One of the biggest challenges scaling businesses and their leadership teams face is getting their people on board with change. To effectively drive change, we look initially at the foundations -how do we motivate and influence people to get on board with change?

The reason change often fails is that it comes from the standpoint of assuming that change can be managed and that by changing structural or strategic aspects of the business, that people will get on board with the change. Change isn’t sustainable without individual people changing their thinking, beliefs and behaviour.

To really drive change you need to change behaviour. To change behaviour you need to understand how individuals are motivated. By understanding people’s behaviour we can understand how people are motivated. Understanding these motivations, we can then motivate and influence people to change their behaviour, resulting in sustained change.

Our Leadership & Management workshops give you the insight you need into the behaviour of your people and the causes of friction in your business. You will leave with new ways to influence and build relationships with the people around you, from your team to your clients, allowing you to navigate the obstacles to business growth. A detailed appreciation of behaviour and the individual motivations of the people around you can transform your business growth, sales and ultimately your future success.

If you were granted the ability to effectively motivate, influence and then communicate with the people around you to get the best out of any given situation, how would that grow you as a leader or manager?


Interested in accessing fully funded business support from Duo or any of our other coaches? Contact Emma for more information.

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