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Introducing Our Business Experts: Helena Hill Consulting

Generator welcomes Helena Hill of Helena Hill Consulting to our new Supply Chain North East Business Expert Panel. Helena works with a range of businesses - from startups and SMEs to global companies - to define their user base, dramatically improve their online presence and deliver robust digital strategies.


Well hello again!

It doesn’t seem like ten months since I wrote my first ‘Meet the Coach’ post as I joined the Generator coaching team as part of the Digital Futures programme.

And here I am again, recently appointed as business expert in user experience and service design as part of the Supply Chain North East programme, jointly powered by Generator, NEAA, NEPIC and RTC.

So what’s changed?

You’re probably wondering why I’m penning another ‘Meet the Coach’ post. You’ve ‘met’ me once – surely that’s enough?! Well, there have been a few changes since May and it all started with a decision I made last year to move away from web design and development and into full time UX consultancy.

After much thought, rather a lot of soul-searching and a few sleepless nights, 49digital Ltd started trading as Helena Hill Consulting as of 30th June 2018! Since then I’ve added service design/customer success consultancy to the toolbox and grown the business. Most importantly though, I’ve have had THE best time working with some of the most innovative digital, tech and creative businesses in the region.

From start-ups and SMEs including Equiwatt, Websand and Study 34 to global organisations such as AkzoNobel and Tracerco, I’ve helped businesses define their user base, dramatically improve their online presence and deliver robust digital strategies.

You’re a what?

On a play on the words of the great Eric Morecambe** I have, “all the right words, but just not necessarily in the right order” but I’ll give it a go!

I’m a user experience and service design consultant. I work with people to help start, grow, scale or transform their business or organisation with a digital, design and human-centred approach. As a UX consultant, I also consider the role and state of internal processes, enable organisational change and promote digital transformation when in the business interest to do so.

It really is a varied and extremely rewarding job!

How can I help your organisation?

Essentially, I want to help your business significantly increase revenue while delivering the best possible customer experience whether you sell a service or product online or not. I do this by seeking out and removing obstacles, finding opportunities and increasing user engagement both on and off-line and my box of tricks include:

Strategies for sustainable and equitable growth within and beyond local markets

Digital strategy implementation and support to increase the understanding of how new technology can drive competitiveness, innovation and profits

User experience design for increased customer retention, acquisition and revenue

Customer Experience planning, creating enhanced customer experiences across the brand

Strategic planning around UX and CX principles to increase user-centricity and reach business goals

Process design for organisations where colleagues are using back-end systems to deliver a product or service

Creation of actionable activities based on insights gained from user research and testing

Regular overviews to set and refine action plans and goals

Sound good?

Get in touch with either myself or Emma over at Generator who will be able to point you in the right direction!

** Never seen the sketch? Check it out!

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