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A Message From Jim Mawdsley: Digital Union Task Groups

Following the Open Space Event at the beginning of the year and subsequent Manifesto Steering group meetings, we have decided to look at how we give more focus to actions that can help with the issues that were highlighted.

Over the last few years, we have always had quarterly meetings of strategy groups that focussed on how we could put mechanisms in place to support the sector. Now, rather than these being forums for discussion around issues and how we might tackle them, the groups will now be task and finish groups that work towards a tangible end.

The first 2 areas that we want to build on are Talent and Skills and Sector Profile.

For example, the Talent and Skills group will focus on 2 specific areas:

– Pre-vetting of college students for businesses to progress onto Degree Apprenticeship

– Working with Universities to ensure more businesses do talks and/or set project briefs

These are both areas that we feel we can make a difference to talent development in the sector and they both go hand in hand with the Bootcamp model of developing graduates for businesses with the focus on soft skills and team working practises.

The Media Strategy group will become the Profile group, which will be working on identifying opportunities and pull on media experience to ensure the sector is promoted as widely as possible.

So, we are currently calling out to all members who would like to get involved in any of the above. You don’t have to be a founder or managing director-level, as many of the strategies and outcomes would be more relevant to marketing and communications teams or HR departments.

We will also be looking for members to Chair each group and be looking for those participating in the groups to be active and take on short term roles that lead to success.

If you have not taken part in any of these groups please let me know if you would like to. They currently meet quarterly but in order to get some actions going, particularly with the Talent and Skills agenda, it is likely that to begin with they will meet more frequently.

We believe that by working together as a Union we can help crack some of these issues, and we know those of you that get involved in the work of the Union get the most benefit from it, so get involved. If you want to help us help you, drop me a line –

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