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Archant Sign 3 year contract with Carbon

Online regional publishing giant Archant have made a long term commitment with Carbon DMP as they look to continue the strong ties the 2 organizations have developed with innovation and monetisation at the core of that relationship.

Working with Carbon over the last year has seen Archant strengthen existing revenue lines, introduce new revenue, and develop new audiences; all the while helping advertisers improve ROIs and protect the user experience.

We initially started working with Carbon based on their data & audience development expertise, but it soon became apparent that they had much more to offer, with their deep rooted performance publishing experience.

Ryan Cousins, Product & Platform director at Archant

Working closely with Archant, Carbon has worked hard to fully understand their business, spending time with their team to identify key areas where it could add real value, and become a true partner, not just a vendor.

In a rapidly evolving ad-tech landscape we wanted a partner who understood us and could help us adapt, innovate and grow. Carbon’s experience, tech and great support means they’re able to understand and act upon our key challenges and opportunities

James Parfitt, Partnerships manager at Archant

From a revenue perspective, Carbon has been instrumental in driving data sales and selling unsold inventory using Carbon’s proprietary IntentMatch:Ads product, as well as exploring new search monetisation through their IntentMatch:Search product.  Carbon’s audience development capabilities have also been prominent through the use of machine learning algorithms to find new, high performing audiences to activate. For instance, the creation of subscriber audiences helped drive higher adCTRs for a number of subscription ads.

Out of all the vendors we work with Carbon are one of the most engaged, hard working and innovative by far. We’ve fully enjoyed working with them over the past year and it’s important to us to sign a revised contract for another three years.

James Parfitt, Partnerships manager at Archant

Over the next few years both companies will continue to work closely in the face of new challenges and opportunities publishers face from implementing 1st party solutions and increasing addressable audiences, to implementing new ways of activating audiences such as new prebid solutions and contextual-based tools.

Archant have been a great client to work with – always receptive and engaging when we discuss new opportunities, and their keenness to explore those opportunities with us has been hugely valuable.

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