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Atomhawk release Injustice 2 character animations

Atomhawk release Injustice 2 character animations

Digital art and design agency, Atomhawk, have today released a compilation of animated character endings from their extensive work on NetherRealm’s Injustice 2 game.

As part of their three-year engagement with the project, Atomhawk has created almost forty animated sequences depicting the victories of DC’s most well-known heroes and villains over arch-enemy, Brainiac.

The animation work is the result of Atomhawk’s strategic move to invest further in new service lines.

Atomhawk Director, Ron Ashtiani, says:

“The whole Atomhawk team has really risen to the challenge of creating some outstanding animation work for Injustice 2 and we are already seeing a return on our investment in this service, with a number of significant new animation projects already underway. With our recent expansion into Canada, we look forward to a continuous development of our services and our team over the next 12 months.”

Creative Lead on the project, Dan Gilmore, says:

“The animated endings were a great opportunity for the animation and concept art teams to work together, bringing the high quality creative values we had already helped to establish in the initial concept stages to a new area of content. “

While the concept team produced initial sketches and final colour artwork for the scenes, the animation team created full sequences in After Effects using 3D parallax and VFX, telling the victory tales of characters including The Joker, Darkseid, Poison Ivy and Superman.

The video compilation of the animated character endings can be viewed at:

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