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BMC Recruitment: The North is Made of Working Pioneers, and Hasn’t Fortune Always Favoured the Determined?

BMC Recruitment Group, situated in Newcastle Upon Tyne, is the trusted recruitment partner to leading businesses in the North East with national and international reach. Made up of a team of highly experienced recruitment professionals, BMC works closely with clients and candidates to connect across a range of disciplines.

More and more of our clients are integrating their technical development work with their digital environments, and the North East is home to some of the best creative agencies in the UK – and we’re very proud to call them our clients! As a region, we’ve been investing in local skills and enterprises for the better part of a decade. In 2020, the future of digital agencies is looking brighter than ever.

The North is made of working pioneers, and hasn’t fortune always favoured the determined?

So what’s making digital agencies tick, and how can candidates tick those boxes? The focus seems to be shifting to providing a comfortable, creative environment for employees to flourish and feel valued in. It’s about identifying the pressures of the industry and finding the right culture fit for each team.

Recruitment is a crucial part of any business, and it’s often overlooked (or, underestimated). Here at BMC, we pride our work on minimising your hiring risk and maximising your revenue by providing talent solutions you’re actually looking for. Where you understand the gaps in your current structure, and how you can continue to do what your organisation does best, we’ll listen. It’s that simple.

We aren’t looking to tell you anything you don’t already know. In everything we do, we maintain our relatable ethos of providing a consultative approach to our clients. We take a lot of care and pride in keeping close to our client’s needs and then providing the results. And we love doing that!

If we have a client imagining a creative digital solution to AI, we’re imaging the folks who are going to get you where you need to be. Using the most of skill sets to make something brilliant? Us, too. We want to make the most of talented job seekers who are currently sat at the wrong desks.

It’s a lot easier to help people find a role they’re passionate about when you love what you do. So by making sure each of our consultants are experts in their areas, we can continue dishing out the consultative advice to those looking for a new opportunity – as well as the companies waiting to hear from them. We’re just big fans of transparency in recruitment. If we’re all on the same page, no one can miss the mark, eh?

Don’t take our word for it, though. Our Consultants who head up our Tech team cover everything from innovative digital solutions to ground-breaking IT frameworks. We’ve got an unstoppable Commercial desk focussed on Business Development, Sales and Marketing and our Finance desk is growing, too. BMC’s Construction team have also tackled a hugely competitive market and really made their mark on it. Go on, ask about us.

For more information about how BMC Recruitment Group can help identify and provide the talent solutions you’re looking for, head over to our website:

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